Sleep Schedules

Sleep…. oh how I miss sleep.

I remember about a year ago when I was still pregnant and just getting to that hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in phase how much I couldn’t wait to have Liam so that I could get a full nights sleep again.  Obviously I was a bit delusional to have that thought.  I blame pregnancy hormones and two nieces that had recently arrived and were both excellent sleepers from the start.

I probably should have know better… Liam would always start kicking at 10pm while I was at work and the womb party would continue until the wee hours of the morning.  I actually swapped to night shift for the last two months of my pregnancy so that I could get sleep (and not have as heavy of a work load).

And then Liam arrived.


Unlike his cousins that were 4.5 months older than him Liam did not sleep through the night right away.  As a new Mom I was totally ok with this.  It probably took me the first month of his life to get over the urge to check on him every hour around the clock…. it took my husband even longer than that.  I figured he would grow into his sleep cycle naturally and made the decision that we were not going to sleep train him.

This has been a hard plan to stick to… especially around the six month mark when everything I was reading was telling me he SHOULD be sleeping through the night, or at least not waking up every 3-4 hours anymore.  6 months into mommy-hood, back to work full-time, and missing spending time with friends and family I was ready for a full nights sleep.  I did have the benefit of a long morning nap on the weekends when my husband would get up with him, but the one or two 4 hour stretches of sleep a week were wearing thin.  I really don’t know how my husband and I survived it, but we did together.

Liam ad Gary

Then, all of the sudden, at 8 months a Christmas miracle happened! Liam slept through the night… and not just once, for almost 4 weeks in a row!  Long enough for me to get use to it and no longer wake up at 3 am in a panic because the little guy had not woke me up yet.  Almost 4 glorious weeks of sleep.  I started to feel human again.  All of the sudden my brain was working without the aid of 6+ cups of coffee a day (no I did not drink that much coffee while I was still able to breast feed, but as soon as the supply dried up my caffeine addiction went into full swing again).  I could hold and follow complete conversations without drifting off into a daydream halfway through them.  My medical director probably sighed a giant sigh of relief.  For 3 weeks I got no grade less than 100% on any assignment with school.  It. Was. Amazing.

I really don’t think one appreciates sleep this much until they have been deprived for a while.  The Liam changed again.  Yeah, I get it.  The first couple of years of a kids life is all about change, and they should be celebrated…. but sleep! I love sleep!

Now he is sleeping most of the way through the night, and waking up for a 4:30 am bottle, then sleeping until 6:30 am.  Now for most people this might not be the worlds worst schedule, but I work second shift.  This means I get home from work at 1am, get to bed and asleep no later than 2… just to be woke up again.

It’s awful.  Saturday and Sunday are officially my favorite days of the week again even though they are work days.  Maybe this sleep stage will only last 3-4 weeks too?

I like to take baby selfies at 6:30 am

I like to take baby selfies at 6:30 am


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