Child Proofing

Well, I really thought I had done a good job childproofing the house back when my niece started furniture walking 3 months ago, but apparently I missed a few things. At 9 months old Liam is full swing into furniture walking. It is now his preferred method of transport, though he will still do his army crawl if there isn’t any furniture to pull himself up on. Today as he was pulling all of his toys out of the entertainment center the little rascal found a basket of gaming system controllers and coasters that I had somehow missed next to the cable box. He joyfully threw then everywhere and giggled the entire time. They now have a new home behind the tv. It never ceases to amaze me how clever he is at finding things when I think I have everything tucked away out of his reach. His favorite is still the dog water… He starts manically giggling the entire crawl over to dump it out. He may be smart but he hasn’t figured out sneaky yet thankfully 😉


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