Lunch Time

At 10.5 months (really? Already?) Liam is at a weird stage with food. He has decided he no longer likes pouched or jarred food. He simply wants to eat whatever Momma or Da are eating. Since he has sprouted a few more teeth it usually works out just fine to share with him what we are having. Then there is the added bonus of knowing exactly what I put into the meal that I cook. Problems do arise at times because we aren’t always hungry at the same time Liam is. Like today at lunch…

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a hat, and some O’s

Now I do try my best to mostly feed Liam things that are organic or don’t have GMOs, but we do live life on a budget. Sometimes I make exceptions, and Cheerios are one of the few. I grew up on them, and Liam loves them.
The other thing that has saved us since he has decided to ditch baby food is the Happy Family Brand Happy Creamies. I just can’t get into the Happy Yogi’s with the room temperature freeze dried yogurt… It kind of creeps me out. But the veggie and coconut milk mix ones are a huge hit at our house with both babies. A huge hit with me is that I actually know what all of the ingredients listed on the back of the package are 🙂 For a snack food turned into a meal food at our house they are pretty healthy (and not too bad tasting when one of the kiddos insists on feeding me one)


A well fed baby at lunchtime means Momma gets a happy and fun to play with baby after 🙂


On a totally separate note, I am in love with the TMNT PJs Grammy got him 🙂


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