A Life Of Constantly Falling Behind

I chronically over-schedule my time.

Some would call this a problem, I prefer to think of it as a condition.  It is something that I just can’t seem to help… a plague that has inflicted me my entire adult life.

Despite the fact that I am well aware of the problem, and also aware that it is mostly due to my bad habit of saying “yes!” constantly (and having no real awareness of time), I can not seem to correct it.  Who ever said the first step in solving your problems is admitting to them obviously forgot that the second step of that, actually creating a plan to correct the problem, is just as important (if not more so) than the first.

No, I don’t actually plan on creating a plan anytime in the near future.

So I know I haven’t blogged in over a week… and my blogging goal is to hit up this computer and write on a weekly basis (at least).  The only reason I am blogging today is because I am home sick from work.

There are also a ton of super exciting things going on with Liam and the family in general.  I can hardly believe we are in the process of planning Liam’s first birthday party.  We (finally) refinanced our very underwater house to get a lower interest rate.  Our old dog is bouncing back after a long hard winter.  I am starting the grad school application process.  Many roofing companies are coming out to give us estimates.  The hubs and I are revising our five year plan.

You know, just to name a few things 🙂

I have pictures, I have halfway started blogs, and I have a child that insists on calling me “da” (and then laughing because he knows my name is momma).

And for now I leave everyone hanging with a picture of a pre-haircut Liam… more to come when I am a little less feverish and light-headed.


He mustache you a question….


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