Yes… Easter was almost a week ago.  Unfortunately I ended up working a 17 hour shift the day before Easter and ended up being pretty much a zombie on Easter day.  Liam was hanging with the Grandparents across the state so I took the opportunity to have a nice long cuddle nap with the puppy brothers in the morning and hang with the husband in the afternoon.  We may or may not have spent four hours playing video games together instead of doing any of the many projects that need doing around the house.

This gallery is of all the Easter events that have occurred over the last few weeks.  We celebrated a week early with my family because my older brother came home from Rome for a long weekend.  Then Liam got to go for his first sleepover to my husband’s parents house on Easter weekend.  He had a blast… I may have gained a few gray hairs due to stressing out for no reason at all.  Liam got to participate in two Easter egg hunts!  He now thinks eggs filled with treats are the best thing ever.


First Easter:



Second Easter:


Maybe next year he will find more than one egg without becoming distracted by the goodies inside 🙂


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