A Surprisingly Productive Weekend

One of the things I enjoy most in the summer is getting outside and digging in the dirt. I love to play in my vegetable garden. I enjoy being able to consume the fruits of my labor. I also love puttering around in my low maintenance flower garden, pulling the weeds and making sure it is just right.  You can’t put a price on the satisfaction pulling into the driveway and seeing all those flowers gives me.  Life has become much more hectic with two one year old toddlers running around so to say I was surprised to come up with the time to put some plants in this weekend is putting it mildly.

Yesterday morning after the Hubs and I finished refinancing our house we went out to brunch before going our separate ways for the afternoon.  Brunch at Harvey’s in downtown Dover, NH is (as always) amazing.  It is hard to get a table most Saturday mornings but the food is delicious and the service is top notch.  If you swing in make sure you try a maple square, and grab a pork pie to go!  I have been going to Harvey’s for years.  Before meeting the Hubs I lived in downtown Dover and the restaurant was just two blocks away from my apartment.  After the Hubs and I moved in together my friend Dahl and I would meet up every Monday for brunch.  The staff there have all been fans of Liam since he was a bump.  My first request after a long labor and 24 hours without eating was a Harvey’s breakfast (which my husband sweetly went and got, proudly showing off the newborn pictures of Liam when he got there)… They added in two maple squares to my already huge breakfast as a congratulations… I of course ate it all.  At yesterday’s brunch Liam was able to proudly show off his walking (running to the cake case) skills.  Everyone ooh’d and ahh’d over him and he got to flirt with a little girl a few months younger than him at the table next to ours. She had a flower in her hair… it was fascinating.  It was also the first time we ordered him his own meal off the menu (I was starving and didn’t want to share mine)  His coloring skills have vastly improved recently and he can now go a whole minute without putting the crayon in his mouth 🙂


After brunch the Hubs left to go golfing with my Dad and Brother before a surprise party for my now 30 year old younger brother Saturday evening.  I was going to push my luck with Liam (who was already up past his normal morning nap time) and stop to pick up a few things at Target and then go straight home.  Surprisingly after the Target trip Liam was in such a good mood that I decided on a whim to take a chance and stop to pick up a few plants so that Liam and I could work on out deck container gardens together. It had just stopped raining on what has turned into a very rainy weekend when we arrived at the next store and apparently everyone else in the area had the same idea. The parking lot was packed!

Liam made it through both shopping trips like a star.  I spent $54 on plants, and basically purchased strawberries and the ingredients for my spaghetti sauce: Basil, summer squash, and Roma Tomatoes.  Somehow I managed to get Liam home, tuck him into bed, and just get the last plant into the ground again before it started down-pouring again.  The vegetable garden that I have planted this year is not necessarily the way I would have preferred it to be, but it is by far better than nothing (which is what I figured I would have this year).  Now the key is going to be keeping it watered.








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