Day 12

Day 12 of the selfie project: 365 Days of Momma
Good Morning! We have been up since the (horrific) hour of 6:30 am today… I suspect I should be thankful it was that late… The days of waking up every 2-3 hours were not all that long ago. Liam has successfully managed to exhaust the puppy brothers already this morning with vigorous games of fetch with the “bawllls”. The puppy brothers are pretty impressed with how well their training of Liam to be a ball throwing machine is going 🙂
And now for the couch snuggles (Momma’s favorite!)

20140611-085014-31814388.jpg 20140611-085013-31813620.jpg

As promised a bigger story and a “check in” will come later in the day when I am at a real computer… I just couldn’t help but share how “not amused” Fenway was that I was snuggling that close to him, lol.



    1. Lol, the very few mornings we have to wake out Liam up for something I always get a good internal (evil) chuckle…. It doesn’t happen often, but Liam hates it when it does.


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