Day 43

Day 43 of the selfie challenge
Well I am mentally in a slightly better place than I was last night and this morning. Unfortunately I had too much on my plate to go and enjoy the family party I was suppose to be at today. Conan was away for half the week on business and I hung out with The Bean for longer than I usually do on a heavy homework night and I fell behind. Thankfully the two professors that took my (two day late) assignments were exceptionally understanding. Now… After 7.5 straight hours of homework… I am ALMOST caught up. For some reason I any make my balance sheets work for my finance class. It’s driving me nuts.

So I am taking a break. Maybe after I spend some quality time with the pups things will balance… Or I will figure out what numbers I have in the wrong spot. I am probably just overthinking it.
On a separate note, Liam and Conan have been gone all day. I can’t remember the last time I had a kid free day, but I forgot how quiet the house can get with just me and the pups here.

PS, I know, it’s the third time this week I have worn this dress. I keep pulling it out of the clean laundry pile after I do the wash. This $5 Walmart dress that I tie dyed is seriously the most comfortable dress I have ever purchased. I could live in it in the summer.


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