Day 46

Day 46 of the selfie challenge

Today I got to spend the day hanging out with Liam and The Bean. The two of them are so much fun, and are really sweet together… When they aren’t beating each other up. Although Liam’s vocabulary is impressive for a 15 month old, and The Bean is coming up with new words and gestures every day to make herself understood there are still some key things they can’t quite vocalize or say through gestures that don’t involve pushing the other one down and/or pinching to take whatever they are playing with. So we are currently working on the word “turn” and desperately trying to teach sharing.

Now that Liam is in bed and The Bean is home doing her routine I get to have some study time with my faithful sidekick, The Bruise.

He really is the best snuggle partner ever.

I also plan on spending some extra cuddle time with our oldest dog, Leroy tonight. Liam and I brought Leroy in for a skin biopsy this morning, and the poor guy is still a little lethargic from the anesthesia. Liam successfully made friends with every single dog at the veterinarian’s office today… We are keeping our fingers crossed for the biopsy results which we will receive in a week.


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