Day 48

Day 48 of the selfie challenge

Every once in a while I get out of work just in time to play dodge the drunk person stumbling home from the bar on my drive through downtown to get home at 1:15am. Last call is at 12:30, and the bars close at 1am around here… Today it just made me feel old.

So now I sit at home with a glass of wine relaxing after work while doing school work (which isn’t really relaxing) and reflecting on the day. Liam went to the beach do the first time ever today (despite the fact that we live on the coast we never go to the beach). I had to work, so it was a hubs and grandparent trip. According to Conan he wasn’t impressed… His favorite thing was the seagulls.

Work was busy for me today (when isn’t it?) and I was there later than I wanted to be. I totally got caught up in things and forgot all about my daily picture… So here it is at 1am.


Thank you parking lot light for the interesting backlighting effect.


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