Day 49

Day 49 of the selfie challenge

It’s a good day. The sun is shining, and despite the fact that I got a whopping 3.5 hours of sleep last night I feel pretty on the ball and am in an excellent mood. Let’s hope it lasts!

Liam, the puppy brothers, and I have had a fun and playful morning. I finished my homework for the day early and the house was cleaned yesterday so I got a chance to just sit back, relax, and enjoy (almost) all my guys… I love these moments.

20140719-022411-8651640.jpg 20140719-022411-8651013.jpg 20140719-022411-8651269.jpg

Then it was off to work. It was another 11 hour day… Let’s hope for more than 3.5 hours of sleep tonight!


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