Day 50

Day 50 of the selfie challenge: 365 days of Momma

Today I slept until 11:24am… Because my husband rocks. Now that I feel all caught up in the sleep department we are trying to catch up to the lost morning hours of yard/house work that we intended to get done this weekend while still making sure Liam and the puppy brothers are entertained. Long gone are the days when we tackled these projects together. Now it’s a divide and conquer system with as much crammed into nap time as possible.

Liam woke up from his morning nap shortly after I got up for the day and though I intended for us to all go out and have fun today (putting off the chores until tomorrow because I procrastinate like a champion) this happened: The Tale of No Diaper.  Let us all just take a moment to hope and pray that he promptly forgets how to do that trick.

After a bath and lunch Liam and I had some play/snuggle time. He really is the sweetest baby (when he isn’t soaking his bed because naked is more fun).


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