Day 51

Day 51 of the selfie challenge

I might have encouraged my husband to let loose and have a bit to drink tonight…


He has been dieting and working out religiously for the last few weeks, and the results have been awesome this far for both of us. The bonus to Conan dieting is that I always drop a few pounds when he does. This time I have actually made it to within a few pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight. This weekend was time to let his hair down though and celebrate his birthday. Although I enjoyed laughing at and with my more than buzzed husband I did not take part in the merriment as I had to drive and do homework after Liam was tucked into bed for the night. The little guy was exhausted, especially since he “helped” me weed the garden today (his help was dismantling the fence around the garden and stomping on the one ripe strawberry we had).


This is my “I hate finance homework” face. Someone in this house is coping with Ben and Jerry’s (and it’s definitely not Conan).


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