Day 54

Day 54 of the selfie challenge: 365 Days of Momma

I vaguely remember when a day off use to mean laying in bed until noon and then doing fun things with the pups all day (like going on hikes or just laying in the grass)… I miss those days sometimes.

I absolutely would not trade these kids for anything in the world though… And quite honestly these feelings have nothing to do with is getting up and starting our errands early today and everything to do with how incredibly frustrating the grocery store was today since all of the Market Basket shoppers are participating in the boycott (most of them willingly and some due to the empty shelves). Our grocery shopping trip today took twice as long for half the stuff and ended in a fit at the checkout because we had been out so long it was past nap time for Liam. So today I shake my virtual fist at corporate greed, applaud those who are standing up to it, and shake my head at the little one who just couldn’t take it anymore when momma told him he couldn’t have a balloon.

Post nap was much more fun for both kids. My little helpers are getting so good at taking direction. Their current favorite word is “shoe”, so today all of the shoes in the house were picked up by their little hands and (basically) put (in the vicinity of) where they belong. 🙂

Wondering what the big deal is about Market Basket?  Head on over to The Clam for an excellent (and highly entertaining) 2 part history lesson.




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