Day 57

Day 57 of the selfie challenge

Technically it is the wee hours of the morning of day 58. I took the picture earlier and just haven’t had a chance to post until now. It’s a working weekend, so there isn’t much time for relaxing… Or sleeping. Work has been crazy lately, which is keeping me there far later than I want to be every night and unfortunately there is always more homework to do when I get home. The plus side of today is that I am officially half way through this hellish summer semester! I celebrated by cooking Liam lunch during my study break. After some quick post nap snuggles from Liam the whole family had some quality time together while enjoying our fancy boxed Mac and cheese with broccoli added in (I think I might have an Annie’s Mac and cheese addiction).

After lunch I snuck in some quality time with the puppy brothers and then it was off to work for me until 1am… Then home to more homework. I seem to have a never ending supply of that…
My motto lately has been “just keep swimming”



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