Days 59 and 60

Days 59 and 60 of the selfie challenge: 365 Days of Momma

Well it was bound to happen eventually…. a day where I just didn’t get a chance to take my daily selfie.  Yesterday was that day.  I thought about it in the morning, and then put it off (because my phone was ALL the way across the room, and that seemed like a lot of work).  Then I was off and running with Liam in tow.  We managed to get all of the errands done for the week before I went to work last night with the plan that it would clear up today and tomorrow for tons of school work.  Then disaster struck… suddenly my cell phone stopped working.  I picked it up to check the time, pushed the button and nothing happened.  I may have panicked slightly.   Oddly enough, just as suddenly as it stopped working it started working again a few hours later.  At that point I was up to my ears in work, it was a busy night, so busy that I literally passed out the moment I got home.  So no picture for yesterday just some memories:

  • Liam and I cleaned the house in the morning, he is really starting to try and help out, which is adorable.  Yesterday I had him transporting a case of toilet paper for me when half way through he decided it was a trampoline and started jumping on it and yelling “boom”, obviously we stopped to take a play break at that point because jumping is fun.
  • We went to Target mid morning to pick up some cleaning supplies.  Liam said “hi” to every single lady in the store (sorry men, he ignores you right now).  The little flirt even blew kisses to some of them.  Sure the shopping trip takes twice as long as it should, but Liam has a great time and his flirtatious ways bring a smile to other people’s faces.
  • Liam was very happy to spend yesterday afternoon with Grammy while I went to work and before Conan got home.  He loves going to Grammy’s house to help her cook, jump in the ball pit, and play with the big car (“vroom”).
  • I worked last night… I comforted, I cared, I encouraged, I taught, I helped someone who was having difficulty breathing, I fluffed pillows so they were just right, I held the hand of a family member who needed a shoulder, I led my team through another great night, and I went home exhausted.

Today I woke up to a completely different surprise… One that ended up being not the worst thing ever. At 8am (after a measly 5 hours of sleep) I awoke to the sound of large trucks backing up and Liam calling out “vroom” over the baby monitor. “Vroom” indeed. My astute son and I woke up to the sound of the roofers coming a month and a half early to replace our roof…

I panicked. I kicked them out. I frantically called the company and negotiated some extra work (the chimney removal that was suppose to happen in a few weeks) and some extra money off the total price, I change all of my plans for the next two days. Surprise! We are getting a new roof!

I guess in the long run it’s one less thing to worry about… It also means I could potentially do some low cost vacation-y things during my time off at the beginning of September.

Me, pre coffee.

Does anyone remember those old Folgers commercials and how perfectly disheveled the people who were “waking up” looked… My disheveled could use a makeup team, I think I have the hair down pat though 😉


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