Days 62 and 63

Day 62 and 63 of the selfie challenge: 365 Days of Momma

Day 62 and 63 have to be typed about together because they are basically one very long day…

Day 62 started with the roofers showing up bright and early (8am) for the final day of our surprise roof replacement.  Thankfully the majority of the work on this final day did not include a ton of loud thunks and bangs so I was able to catch a 10am nap with Liam.  The reason this 10am nap was so important is because I knew I was going in for a double shift at work that night in order to finish the change-over of our end of the month paperwork.  The facility I work for has not yet switched over to electronic medical records (I know… behind the times, but we are getting them soon) so our change-over is still done the old fashion long drawn out way with paper medical records (please, everyone take a second and mourn the loss of all those trees) that have to be checked two times by two separate nurses.  Work was unexpectedly crazy… for those nurses who subscribe to the full moon theory it was like that.  What ever could go wrong did go wrong: people fell, went into respiratory distress, aspirated, there was a surprisingly complex admission, supplies were missing.  It was just one of those nights where I needed to be in 2 places at once the entire night.

I have been a nurse for many years now, and I do handle the stress well, but part of that is because I always ALWAYS make time for at least a 20 minute lunch break.  Not only is it a state law, but I find it important for me personally to take that 20 minutes, sit down, eat, and gather my thoughts.  Last night was one of a few nights that I just had to go without.  By the time all the patients were stable and I sat down the next shift had started and we were full swing into change-over with the paperwork not even a little bit close to being completed.  We had the best crew possible on both the evening and night shifts for this sort of circumstance to occur.  Seasoned nurses and nursing assistants who are able to work seamlessly with good communication at all times, pull together, and get the job done.  I am so thankful for the awesome group of nurses and nursing assistants I work with.  We pulled together, and pulled through… and at 8 am when I clocked out for the day I was exhausted and wired all at the same time.



You know that state that you get in where your brain just wont stop but the body has had it… I was there.  So off I drove, heading home to a sick husband and an energetic toddler with his feisty puppy brothers.  The greeting I get when I get home is always exceptionally enthusiastic, whether it has been 5 minutes or 5 hours the puppy brothers never fail to greet in full body wagging style and today was no exception.  I somehow managed to bring them all out for their am bathroom run and then sneak into bed before Liam woke up so I was able to catch a nice 4 hour nap this morning, it was lovely.  Now tonight it is back to the grind with school work.  I have another big project due this weekend so I will be spending large amounts of time at this computer looking much like this….


The crazy, toothpicks could be holding up my eyes, I have had too much coffee look just about says it all… Luckily I won’t be missing anything super fun this weekend as we are supposed to have a  stormy one.  The one bonus to the extra long work day was being able to have a nice evening of family quality time with a slightly feeling better Conan, Liam, and the puppy brothers… we do love to play!


Now the puppy brothers and I are going to head to bed…. having a toddler is exhausting.











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