Day 67

Day 67 of the selfie challenge

What started off as an incredibly stressful morning turned into an ok day. I don’t know why I consistently have this tendency to over schedule myself. I have yet to figure out how to be in two places at once or stretch the day out so it has 36 hours instead of 24. Someday I will learn….

This was the best part of my day today along with the unexpected gift of being able to tuck this little guy into bed tonight (twice) thanks to some creative finagling from the scheduler at work. She worked a miracle and I was able to take the time to address a family emergency that could have left an elderly relative in a dangerous situation and grab an extra family hour.

Life is good right now, despite the bumps that have been thrown into the path. The time I get to spend with Liam, Conan, and the puppies is the best part of my day every day (even when they all drive me crazy). The future continues to look bright!

It will (of course) be a million times brighter in 4 weeks when the semester is over 😉


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