Day 68

Day 68 of the selfie challenge: 365 Days of Momma

Liam is teething.  Those back gums are so incredibly swollen right now.  His new favorite thing in the world is chewing on his toothbrush (or really any toothbrush he can get his little hands on).  Seeing him in pain absolutely breaks my heart.  On the plus side we had a ton of fun today.  It seems like he is learning new things every day and he never ceases to amaze me with the things he knows.  Today we played with his tupperware shape sorter and he was able to correctly place some of the shapes into the right holes on the first try.  Those plus signs and stars are tricky though 🙂  We also practiced finding colors with the ring stacker.  It is very important to wear a stylish necklace when stacking colors… obviously.


I was throwing the balls for the dogs at the same time as playing with Liam on the floor this morning.  Those of you who have seen me throw know that this was probably a bad idea… it was indeed a horrible idea.  I hit one of my three remaining candles (all oddly Christmas scents, thankfully not the one I had burning to cover up the horrific smell of toddler poop) and it fell to the floor and shattered.  Liam and the dogs did a good job of freezing when I shouted it at them while running to grab the broom and dustpan.  I was able to sweep and vacuum up the mess without incident, and then Liam grabbed the broom and started sweeping the house (once again demonstrating his disdain for my lack of housekeeping skills).  I decided this meant it was time for his own broom and dustpan.. it is never too early to have them start cleaning the house!  he is now a sweeping machine.

We got to hang out with The Bean this afternoon.  The hug-fest continues.  They just love each other so very much.

Now it is late at night.  The babe is in bed and the hubs is hanging out with his video games.  I am stuck at the computer doing homework.


The plus side? I have Sam Summer and potato chips (somehow doing school work completely negates any self control with eating that I might have had).

I am looking forward to another lovely day tomorrow!



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