Day 75

Day 75 of the selfie challenge: 365 days of Momma


I had a great day until 9:23pm.

Liam woke up at a ridiculously early hour again… I battled that with excessive amounts of coffee.  We had some awesome play/cuddle time this morning.  The house is clean.  The babysitter came this afternoon and I had some free time to do some homework.  I managed to get the homework I needed to get done accomplished and had a spare 30 minutes to get my eyebrows waxed and hair trimmed (it was desperately needed and I felt so much better after!)  Sorry to my awesome hairdresser, Linda, I have been trying to make an appointment with you for a month but you have been completely booked on my free days 😦 so I was forced to cheat on you.  I took a gamble and went to Supercuts.  The gamble turned out ok.  I had a male hairdresser who was in nursing school and did a fine job with the eyebrow wax (the part I always worry about the most!); my hair is trimmed… nothing special… I don’t trust anyone but Linda to actually put layers into my hair or try anything new so I went for a straightforward blunt cut that would be easy to pull back.  It is too hot to leave the hair down still… maybe in another month.

I actually took the time to cook a delicious dinner tonight… I would post the recipe, but we ate all of it before I remembered to take pictures (oops) so it will have to wait until next time.

Then I logged on for a team meeting for my group finance project.  No one showed.

I gave up at 9:23 when a team-mate posted on the message board that she was sick and wouldn’t be able to make it that night or turn in her piece of the assignment.  I may have started swearing like a sailor (it’s okay… Liam is in bed).  I may have yelled at my husband (yes, I know it is not his fault).  I may have flipped out about the one team member who did post an “answer” to her part of the paper that was incredibly blatantly plagiarized (because, seriously? who does that in college??!?).  I may have consumed 1500 calories of chocolate, cheese, and bread… and may now be drinking a beer (sorry diet, I failed you again today).

Now I am trying desperately to accept the fact that the people in this group might seriously affect my 98% average in the class and my overall GPA.  I am trying not to cry about that and desperately trying not to analyze what that means about my personality.

I posted a last-ditch effort to get everyone together this weekend.  We will see if anyone responds.  I will then email the professor and do the best I can to salvage my grade in the class.


Forced smile.  Maybe I will calm down before bed… maybe.



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