Days 82 and 83

Days 82 and 83 of the selfie challenge: 365 Days of Momma

Finals are in full swing!  Which means I am typing like a secretary on steroids.

The kids are in full teething mode (both of them at once…. just shoot me now).  This is making for an exceptionally whiny and clingy time when I could really use less whiny and clingy.

So Wednesday….

Wednesday I got to spend the morning with Liam.  We spent some time cleaning the house, Liam now says the word “mess” when ever we are cleaning and is really trying to help me wipe things up and tidy.  Sadly he will help me put the toys away, but because it is a game he thinks it means that the toys immediately get dumped back out as soon as they are done being put away.  Baby steps (pun intended).

I was feeling ambitious (and brave after all the pooping lately) and gave Liam a bath right before lunch.  Immediately after getting him dressed I served him lunch… it took him less that 15 minutes to get food all over himself.  It was time for outfit change number 1 for the day.

The Bean came over late that day, so I was already off and doing errands when she arrived at the house to hang out with our babysitter.  I feel like I barely spent any time with her on Wednesday.

Today was a different story.  Neither Liam nor I were feeling anything close to ambitious this morning.  Liam woke up early with a slight fever (most likely a product of his 15 month shots).  It was nothing a little Tylenol couldn’t cure (and it did), but he was sleepy and just didn’t feel like playing.  I was more than a bit tired myself; so Liam, the puppy brothers, and I took a morning nap.

I love morning naps.  Especially when I get an excuse to cuddle up with all three puppy brothers on a chilly (dare I say Fall-like) morning.  It was perfection.

The afternoon was much more upbeat because of that precious nap.  There was one snag when both Liam and The Bean were screaming non-stop because they are both teething right now (baby torture).  Thankfully it was nothing a little teething ring couldn’t handle…. I swear that those teething rings are one of the major reasons for my sanity right now.

Are you having a baby soon? Stock up.  Register for tons.  The more the merrier.  Keep them on constant rotation.

I actually had the chance to relax and cook today… something I love to do! (Yes, I totally used the TV to keep the kids distracted for a half an hour, and no, I really do not feel guilty about it.)

Today I tried a new recipe from Food and Wine for Chickpea and Spinach Stew.  it was amazingly delicious.  I did follow one of the substitutions found in the comments using chicken broth instead of the chickpea liquid because I used dried chickpeas instead of canned.  I also was generous with the spinach and made my pinch of saffron a generous one.  Delicious.  Conan and the kids loved it.  We are definitely going to have to make this one again!

And that is basically it…. I am off for another long stretch of doubles at work for the weekend after this.

Vacation is coming!










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