Days 84, 85, and 86

Days 84, 85 and 86 of the selfie challenge: 365 Days of Momma

What can I say about this weekend… I worked… a lot.

I think I may have spent a grand total of 5 hours with my family over the last few days.  Conan has been basically driving the parenting bus solo this weekend as I clocked in a 40 hour work week in 3 days.  The light at the end of this tunnel (and the reason I asked to be scheduled like this) is the vacation that is coming up after my shift tomorrow.

Sure the vacation time is mostly to do finals and write papers, but I am bound and determined to do at least something fun with Liam during this time off.  This killer semester ends in 5 days!!!!

And now for a mash-up of pictures of myself and Liam from the last few days!








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