Three Things Thursday, 3/5/15

It has been a while since I have taken the time to post in the Three Things Thursday category.  At some point in time since last July I had started letting some things go as life with an active toddler, full time work, and full time school began to overwhelm me.  As things have slowed down in anticipation of Catriona’s arrival I am taking some time for the things that I love…. including this weekly blog post 🙂

Three Things Thursday is an exercise in gratitude that began over on <a title=”Nerd In The Brain” href=”; target=”_blank”>Nerd In The Brain</a>, another awesome blog that I love visiting.  Every Thursday I highlight three things that I am grateful and/or made me happy.  It is a highlight of those little extra things in life that you don’t always have time to stop and enjoy.  A celebration of life’s gravy.  Feel free to steal this idea for yourself as well!

1.) These Owl Coasters


I purchased these from Amazon as a Christmas present for myself after the terrible twosome managed to break every single soapstone coaster we owned.  As I slowly watched my furniture start to become ruined by condensation rings from glasses I decided that the only way to outsmart the kids was to buy coasters that couldn’t be broken and were adorable too.  With these owls I succeeded and got an extra bonus too!  Not only are they toddler-proof as far as destruction goes, but the toddlers also LOVE looking at and playing with them.  We currently are using them to learn how to count as they take them out and put them back into the holder.

2.) Liam’s Big Boy Hair Cut

We have been battling some serious bedhead for the last few months as Liam has decided that he is terrified of hair cuts.  The bedhead has been so bad some days that I have had to condition the tangles out of Liam’s hair (something that he oddly loves).  Last weekend my awesome Mom and Dad gave me a hand and we managed to cut all of Liam’s hair without too much of a fuss (yes, it took two of us to distract him while my Mom gave him a trim).  No more tangles = a very happy Momma, and it is pretty cute too!

3.) This Adorable Meme

IMG_0815This meme was originally posted to Facebook by my vet’s office (which consistently posts hilarious memes).  This is how I feel most days since migraines, prehypertension, and contractions have taken over my life.  I am so very thankful to work for an amazing organization that is allowing my to take the time off I need (with pay, something virtually unheard of in this country) in order to make it to the end of this challenging and stressful pregnancy allowing the best outcomes possible for myself and Catriona.  I love my job, and can’t wait to go back (in five months or less depending on when Catriona decides to appear).  I also am so very thankful for the awesome support system I have in my husband, family, and friends.  I know if I need help it is literally only a phone call away, and there is no price you can put on that kind of reassurance.


What are you thankful for?




One comment

  1. I love your list…and I love, love, love that you’re using the coasters to teach counting! It makes me so happy to see math happening “organically.” 😀 I hope to see you here again next week! ❤


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