Artsy Tuesday, Potted Shamrocks

Liam has been very into arts and crafts lately which can be a ton of fun (though a bit messy at times).  Today we created a “pot of shamrocks” in anticipation of celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day this weekend.


  • One piece of newspaper ripped into quarters
  • One piece of construction paper
  • A toilet paper roll
  • 3 green pipe cleaners
  • A small pair of pliers (I used my jewelers pliers)
  • Finger paints


  1. Liam watched as I twisted the pipe cleaners into shamrock shapes and then used the pliers to pinch down any pointy pieces so he couldn’t hurt himself.  My shamrocks might need some work… He was pretty sure they were bugs.  Cool bugs.
  2. I cut the construction paper in half the long way, then taped the end onto the toilet paper roll.  Liam helped me roll the paper onto the toilet paper roll after showing him how (he rolled, I taped)
  3. We crumpled up two pieces of the paper (one of Liam’s favorite parts!) and then stuffed them into the toilet paper roll.
  4. Liam then “planted” the shamrocks along the edges while I held the newspaper to the side so he could stick the “”stems” in.
  5. The painting smock went on and the finger paints came out.  Liam used the other half of the cut construction paper to paint on.  We traced in the paint with an extra pipe cleaner at first, then Liam decided he wanted to “make a big mess” and started getting really into the finger paints.  We ended up making an extra painting on an addition piece of paper because he was having so much fun.
  6. After a few hours of drying time while we ate lunch and napped we then completed our project by taping and rolling the painted paper around the pot.




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