Three Things Thursday, 3/12/15

Three Things Thursday is an exercise in gratitude that began over on Nerd In The Brain, another awesome blog that I love visiting.  Every Thursday I highlight three things that I am grateful and/or made me happy.  It is a highlight of those little extra things in life that you don’t always have time to stop and enjoy.  A celebration of life’s gravy.  Feel free to steal this idea for yourself as well!

This week I am thankful for:

1.) Guitar Time with Daddy

I love watching Liam and Conan when they are playing together, and I especially love watching Conan help foster Liam’s love for music.  Now if only Liam would stop slamming me with the not-so-subtle insult “I sing good, like Daddy”… (Yes Liam, Momma knows she sings off key… but she is going to sing The Wheels On The Bus 5 million times a day for you anyway, so deal with it.)

2.) Spring-Like Weather!!!!!

It was 50 degrees out on Wednesday.

50. Degrees.

We have had over a foot of our five feet of snow melt this week…. sure we still have over 3 feet in the yard.  It is a start.  Spring is coming.  Someday we may even see grass again!

3.) Puppy snuggles



It’s been a rough week in pregnancy land.  Lots of contractions and other signs of impending labor that are starting far sooner than we hoped since we realized we would make our goal of 30 weeks of pregnancy thanks to the late membrane fusion.  Thankfully I am home from work already and can take the time to rest as much as possible with my feet up.  The pups don’t mind all the extra snuggles at all, and I appreciate the company.  Our new goal is 34 weeks and I am pretty sure we will pass that one too!


What are you thankful for this week?


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