Three Things Thursday, 4/9/15

It is a good week for me to make sure I get in my Three Things Thursday post, quite honestly, I need to do it for my own mental health.  It has been over 6 weeks of constant pain, sometimes worse than others, and it is starting to wear on me to the point that even my usual positive outlook on life isn’t helping.  So this Thursday I am going to give myself a reminder of all the wonderful things I do have in my life and continue to repeat to myself that someday soon this head and chest pain will end and Conan and I will have another baby to love and snuggle.

So here are three of the things I am grateful for with lots of pictures (old and new):

1.) These Pups

Sure, they drive me nuts sometimes, but overall they are pretty good boys and are exceedingly loyal.  Last night, when I was in the worst pain of my life (like worse than labor pain) between my chest and my head these two would not leave my side.  Dogs know, and they worry.  They are also very good puppy brothers to Liam, putting up with his (sometimes rough) play exceptionally well.  Dogs love with their whole hearts, and these two love all of their family members so very much.

On a separate note, all of these pictures were taken on different days… apparently I wear that blue shirt a lot!

2.) These guys.

Last night my husband walked into the house to find me in lousy shape with severe chest pain, high blood pressure, and the worst migraine to date that came on without warning about 15 minutes before he walked through the door.  Our almost two-year old cuddling with me and keeping himself entertained with puzzles on the iPhone.  Conan immediately went into caretaker mode, which is something I typically don’t appreciate as much as I should, but absolutely needed last night.  He got my medicine into me, tucked me into bed, and monitored me until my blood pressure came down and the medicine forced me to sleep.  I probably was not all that grateful at the time… I hate being the sick one.

Almost half of my life has been spent being a nurse and taking care of others.  Even in management roles I still take time to visit and assess patients because I have always felt that a successful manager is one that supports and helps the staff she (or he) is managing learn how to succeed in every situation in the most efficient and effective way possible (which is impossible to do if you only know a patient “on paper”; there is so much more that can be discerned through one on one interactions).  I am also stubborn by nature and have a hard time admitting personal weakness.  This combination may make me the worst patient to ever walk the earth.

3.) Being Prepared

We are in full baby watch mode with contractions every 8-12 minutes around the clock and other signs that baby is coming sooner rather than later.  Despite that it took an additional 3 weeks from the start of these symptoms for Liam to arrive, so I don’t believe she will be here today or even this week. Her kick counts have slowed down, and she has not been really growing for the last few weeks (based on the not always accurate fundal measurements).  The head is down.  She is ready to go, and thanks to a lot of help from my Mom and Dad we are ready for her!  The last task to be completed is installing the car seats which should happen this weekend (weather permitting, it did snow last night)!


And so a final reminder to myself that I have a good life, a very supportive family, a roof over my head, food on my plate, and a lot of love surrounding me.  This chapter might be hard but that will most likely make it even more sweet in the end.  I wish everyone a moment or two to take time to remember what they are grateful for today as well.


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