Happy Easter!

8 days ago I was struck by a killer flu-like virus that knocked me out with a high fever and severe body aches for a good week.  One by one we have all succumbed to this bug over the course of the week except Catriona (for which I am EXTREMELY thankful).  We had plans for Easter.  A whole weekend full of plans.  Unfortunately we had to cancel every single one of them thanks to what I am now referring to as “the plague”.  So last night at 9pm I was fighting the crowds at the store picking at the last scraps of Easter fixings to put together an Easter at the home for the infirm.  We may have had to do our egg hunt in stages this year (because we were just too tired to finish hunting the eggs the first time around) but we made it all the way through to the delicious ham dinner at the end.  I even forced the kids into dress up clothes after a bath for pictures and because the were going to wear the pretty clothes even if we were the only ones to see.  For the first time ever the white clothes stayed white (thanks plague and low energy levels!).


and now… the pictures 🙂


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